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Zelos Eve - Odrzucone

Postautor: Manny'O dodano: 06 sty 2019, 21:47

1. Basic Information:
a.Name: Noah
b. Age: 19
c. Residence: United States
d. Zainteresowania / Hobbies: Musical band OOC
e. A few sentences about yourself and your character: I love star wars and know a lot, and i also love role-playing! I've been role-playing for about 5-6 years now. My character is actually new and a different take on how i take most things!
f. Contact: noahjestrada2001@gmail.com

2. N/A

3. Character:
a. Name and surname: Zelos Eve
b. Age: 9
c. Source: *Do not understand what you mean by a "source", sorry! I can fix it later if needed
d. Race: Human
e. Appearance: A small boy with an unnatural black and blue hair pattern in color. He has semi long hair with a scar across his left cheek. His body shape seems interestingly "built" for his age.
f. History:
On the world of Endor, homeworld to the Ewoks, a boy was born. His mother, Cortana Eve, and his father, Joel'ten Eve, arrived to Endor once they had heard the defeat of the Empire. Though while they did understand the risks and dangers of living on Endor, it was a dream to them. They lived on the planet for years to come. Once they had their son, Zelos, everything changed. As the years went on, the parents would note that Zelos would be talking to his "imaginary friend" throughout their walks in the forest.
On a cold night, the wind blew up the strees as the sound of ewoks and other wildlife let out their roars and grunts in the distant-- it was peaceful. But, that peace was soon put to an end as a pack of endor wolves jumped out of the darkness of the forest and attacked the family. Zelos was scared and was commanded by his father to hide in the trees as instructed (Zelos was of course trained how to survive on his own since he is living in such natural environments). After it all, the mother was sadly killed. The father killed the wolves, leaving him broken, almost fully as he had a broken leg and arm. Through the pain of loss and sadness, the boy let out a cry that shook some bushes and trees. The wildlife would scatter around and flee. The father frowned at the sight of this with his own eyes. He made a decision: Take the boy to someone or some place where they can help him; where they can train him more than he can. And so the journey began. Zelos and his father would travel the galaxy, hoping to find some sort of Jedi aftering hearing of an academy from different people in worn down villages and towns. Eventually, the father found where they needed to go, giving his son a last hug before letting him go.

4. Information:
a. What do you look for in RP in the organization and what is the most important for you in the game?
I look for intense RP and the dramatic effect a person can have through telling their story(s)
b. Where did you find out about the organization?
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Re: Zelos Eve

Postautor: Alora Valo dodano: 06 sty 2019, 22:44

Hello there.

First of all, I'm really surprised You, an English speaking man decided to come here and post this application. Not in a bad way, tho. Sadly, there are two major things You have to consider:

1. We're all on Polish speaking role-play organisation, as much in forums, as in-game. That's the main barrier, language one, as You may, or may have not guessed already.

2. Application doesn't meet our basic statute of minimum 800 words. Also, story itself is written poorly, considered our standards. Doesn't really tell much about the character, his thoughts, background, background of his parents and their story. For example: A lot of children in young age have imaginary friends they're talking to. Something more should have been said on this one, as it may be related to their culture, beliefs, to be caused by Force sensitivity of their child. How did father even get an idea, to look for a Jedi to help and train his son. It's very minimalistic, and that's not a good sign. In future, wherever it takes, You should consider going more indepth into Your ideas, stories and creations.

Taking into consideration both of this points, I have to say:
I'm against.

Anyway - I'm curious how did You get an idea to post Your application, as everything here is written in Polish. I'm not really sure, if there is some English speaking community of Star Wars roleplayers, if that's You're looking for. I'm pretty sure there is, as it's a huge world, but I personaly don't know.

Good luck to You, fellow Star Wars fan! ;)
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Alora Valo
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Re: Zelos Eve

Postautor: Gluppor dodano: 09 sty 2019, 21:21

Can't add much more besides what was said above. We exclusively use Polish language and it'd be impossible to play without a very good knowledge of it. I must admit though that's it pretty coo, that you decided to post your application nonetheless :) I hope you'll find your place for a good RP, I think Jedi Holo (https://www.jediholo.net/) is a good starting point.
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Re: Zelos Eve

Postautor: Elia dodano: 10 sty 2019, 2:50

I agree, it would be impossible to play with us without a good understanding of Polish. I can see how this could work with the dialogues, as we can pretend your character speaks a different language than Basic and, thus, the use of English (the same concept was introduced by one of our members, Fell, who can speak Russian and uses it as Huttese - and it works great). However, all of the GMing is done in Polish, as well as all the descriptions of characters' behaviour on the server written by the players. It's crucial that on the narration level we all speak and fully understand the same language so that we all know what is going on.

Jedi Holo mentioned by Gluppor is a relatively old and well-established organization for international players, it's a good idea to check with them. Good luck!
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Re: Zelos Eve

Postautor: Rada Jedi dodano: 13 sty 2019, 19:55

Punkt 9.2.2. z regulaminu organizacji "Szlakiem Jedi", cytowany i linkowany we:
- wzorze podania,
- ogłoszeniu rekrutacji,
- wyświetlanej w nagłówku działu adnotacji mówi:

9.2.2. Podanie musi uwzględniać wszystkie podane punkty i spełniać wymóg 800 słów w historii – inaczej zostanie automatycznie odrzucone.

Historia nie zbliża się do wymogu, zawiera 329 słów, dodatkowo zostało napisane w języku angielskim, który nie jest używany w naszej organizacji. Podanie automatycznie odrzucone.
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